Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Valentine’s Beauty Blog Swap.

When I heard about Miss Mystique's international beauty blogger swap idea for Valentine's Day, I jumped at the chance. I was matched with the lovely Ashley (aka Midnight Cowgirl) from The Fashion Planner, and I squealed in excitement when I found the package sitting on my desk yesterday morning (trust me, it made my Monday a good one, for once!)

Here's what she got me...

e.l.f Cosmetics 100 piece eyeshadow palette
e.l.f blotting sheets
e.l.f natural lash kit
assorted nail tools
The Body Shop nail files
hand painted nails made by Ashley herself (ridiculously cute!)
Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in Everlasting Wine
hair ties
assorted samples
Jewelmint earrings 

I seriously feel so spoilt. I think Ashley figured out that I love 1) nail products, and 2) I like to play with makeup (especially eyeshadows).  I was completely floored when I opened the package and saw the 100 piece eyeshadow palette - I was so happy that I'm sure my workmates put me in the "crazy" category. This sadly also shows how expensive beauty and make up products are in Australia (there's no way all these goodies would total only $50 here).

So thank you to Miss Mystique for organising such a fabulous idea and organising the swap, and a big thank you to Ashley for sending just what this girl needs!

UPDATE: To see what I sent Ashley, go read her post here.

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  1. I'm so glad you like your package! I got mine yesterday and love what you sent!