Friday, 13 April 2012

Nail Heaven: NARS Night Breed.

My brain tends goes into "goldfish memory" mode and pops up with a million thoughts and great ideas, but remembers none of it. But thanks to my NARS post this week, my synapses fired up and told me that I had a NARS nail swatch to share! 

The NARS Night Breed nail lacquer is unlike any other polish I've ever tried. Simply described as "black with silver glitter", it is packed with so much of the black and the glitter that two coats is plenty enough to reach full opaqueness. None of that strategic "swirling brush in the bottle to capture as much glitter as possible" is needed, and if that wasn't good enough, the glitter glides very easily onto the nail. Night Breed dries to a matte-like finish, and is the perfect accessory to a rockin' Friday night out! 

If you're lucky (and quick) enough, you can snap this gorgeous polish up at ASOS - on sale too! Sadly Mecca Cosmetica stores don't stock NARS nail polishes (colour me baffled), so if ASOS is out of stock, I think eBay might become your friend.

Have a great weekend, lovelies xx. 

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