Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marni Marni Marni!

Guess who's back, back again? Wendy's back, tell a friend. 

I am still jetlagged, and just survived a full day of work - please excuse me if I sound non-sensical. I have so many goodies from my trip that I want to show you, and this will come when I unpack (my least favourite part of any trip!) But I couldn't wait to show you my Marni for H&M spoils, so I'm sneaking in this post before I fall into a sleep coma. 

It seems like this collection didn't cause as much of a madhouse situation as previous H&M collaborations (namely Versace), but I am so happy that I got to tick off "camping out for fashion" off my bucket list. Despite the rain, cold concrete and 2AM wake-up call, I had a lot of fun lining up with fellow fashion enthusiasts. 

3AM McDonald's is heaven
Ducking for shelter from the rain
Beautiful window display
Eager shoppers
5th batch in!
A happy Wendy

Enough with the generic photos, you say; show us the clothes! 

Can you see how much self-control I exercised? I could've easily picked up everything.. but my bank account must have implanted something in my brain saying "no don't empty me!"

If you got your hands on this collection as well, share your spoils with me! And I promise haul posts will be up soon, but for now, good night sweets xx. 


  1. hi-5 to that 3 am maccas! omgosh I so regret chucking out the box for my marni collar... twas such good storage space.. =.='

    1. Have you worn the collar yet? I wanna see!! I'm dreaming about the HK maccas onion rings now..