Monday, 26 March 2012

We be haulin'.. again.

Last week I showed you the results of my beauty not-quite-a-binge from Honkers, so today it's the clothes & accessories' turn! You've already seen my spoils from Marni for H&M... here is the rest!

Instead of the usual haul post, where you see every scrap of clothing I bought in all its glory, I'm only going to show you some snapshots. I wanted to focus on the gorgeous detail of the clothes because 1) I really don't have time to take pictures of everything; 2) I'd probably bore you to death with pictures of basics (tank tops etc.) and 3) the details: be it florals, patterns, sharp tailoring, (mint) green, sheer, or cut outs, are the take home trends (ha, I hate this word) for Spring 2012. 

Obligatory pile shot:

Again, not that much! (What's wrong with me, seriously.)

Zara flats
H&M blazer
Lovely Royce dress (from Ladies' Markets)
Uniqlo skinny pants
Zara top
leather band bracelets (from Stanley Markets)
Pull & Bear top
Monki coat
H&M blouse
Zara shorts
accessories from H&M and Monki
H&M dress
Ankle boots
Zara bag


  1. Wow, that is quite a stash! I absolutely adore those boots - they're perfect.

  2. Thanks! I love the boots, they are so comfy. Thanks for looking xx.

  3. I dont recall the bracelet with the triangles! it looks cool!!

    1. I see you're going through my posts tonight hahaha. I got it in Monki!