Monday, 14 May 2012

Lust-Haves: Shu Uemura Mamechiyo Collection.

The reason I have no creative title for this post is not to boost my SEO (although that would not be a bad by-product), but I thought that "OMG SO KAWAII*. WANT" would not do me, or this post, any justice. 

So here's the news: Mamechiyo, a renowned Kimono artist, has teamed up with Japanese cosmetic giant Shu Uemura for a limited-edition packaging line. OMG SO KAWAII*. WANT! The Cleansing Oils, the UV Under Base Mousse (Primer) and the foundation compact case have undergone extreme floral makeovers in this collection. Each product comes in 4 unique designs inspired by 4 spring flower girls - The Wisteria, Cherry Blossom, Japanese Plum, and Peony. Butterflies, geometric shapes and Japanese florals mix together to form some truly lust-worthy designs. 

Image via Shu Uemura

Image via Sassy Hong Kong

Insert "hearts as eyes" emoticon. These beautiful designs are available at any David Jones store that has a Shu Uemura counter. Which is not many. So hop to it!


*Kawaii = Cute in Japanese. I am so cultured. Heh.


  1. Woww for a second I mistaken this for some kind of pretty lip balms but surprisingly it's Shu Uemura! Thanks for this post, I'll have a look at it at DJ's :3

    1. Definitely go check them out! They are flying off the shelves in the Sydney DJs :)