Monday, 6 August 2012

Lust-Haves: Crystal Clear.

The Olympics are still in full swing, and while there have been some misses - Australia's unexpectedly average performance in the pool, Channel 9's appalling coverage, Badminton players purposefully losing games - there are many great things to come out of these games. Now, this is not a post about the German gymnastics team (but you should really click here for some eye candy) or a recount of Michael Phelps' legendary legacy, but about one of my true loves - fashion! 

British designer brand Charlotte Olympia (what an apt name) has designed a truly lust-worthy Perspex clutch for the 2012 games, available exclusively on Net-A-Porter. Using London as the inspiration, this clutch has clever interchangeable satin pouches, which depict the Union Jack, a crown and the city's skyline. And it has a badass spider clasp. This gorgeousness can be yours for a cool £475. Sadly that relegates the clutch to my "can drool over but never own" list. 


Sigh. Lust.

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