Saturday, 10 September 2011

I ♥ Mags.

As you all know from the fabulous movie, The September Issue, the biggest issue in the fashion magazine world is September. It's a prelude to the Spring/Summer fashion weeks, and provides a window to the all important (and my favourite) fall fashion trends. Besides gearing us up for the Christmas season, the September issue is a "back to school" bible for fashionistas, so to speak; it's the time when you decide what your style personality will be for the next 12 months. It's also the 132nd reason why I think I live in the wrong hemisphere, since I have to wait 6 more months to get my hands on and be able to wear the clothes featured in the pages. 

As a result, you can bet your whole mortgage that you will see me running around like a headless chicken during this time every year, trying to find one newsagency that stocks the September issue of US Vogue. Most newsagents do stock this issue, but because Australia is like the kid who sits alone in the school cafeteria, the majority don't get it on their shelves until October or November. So, after one week of luckless searching and scaring the newsagents with my interrogations ("When will you have it? What do you mean you haven't ordered it yet?!"), I finally found a copy in Chatswood! I give my eternal love to Supanews Chatswood Chase.

So happy. Mine!

When I was still bathing in my euphoria a few days later, I got home to find another treat waiting for me. The October issue of Shop til You Drop! This issue is a particularly special one, as it features 3D articles! How cool is that!

An even happier Wendy.
What are some of your favourite fashion mags, ladies?

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