Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rimmel Woke Me Up With Their Foundation.

Hello, I'm not dead. 

I really have no excuses except to say that I completely lost my blogging mojo for a couple of weeks. Fellow bloggers will understand (I hope) - when the "I really should blog" thought pops up in your head and all you can say in response to that is "Yeah....I'll do it later". But I am glad to report that my mojo, while not 100% there, is showing signs of life! And I'm sorry to use this pun, but it may have been woken up by the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation!

I picked this baby up because I liked the orange lid. And boy am I glad I did. It has a nice dewy finish and has subtle shimmer flecks through it to instantly brighten your complexion! The pump applicator controls the output nicely (no jokes please), and one pump gives you enough for a medium coverage of your whole face. 

BUT - and there is a but - even with a dusting of loose mineral powder over it, the foundation was not a pretty sight on my face by around the 5-6 hour mark. I seriously looked like I just ran the marathon, or put my face in a vat of oil. To this I say, blotting paper is your friend. 

It's still a winner foundation for me though. The packaging, the initial effect, and shimmer won me over. Take a look for yourself:

This foundation can be yours for a non-bank-breaking $19.95 from your local Priceline. Thank you Rimmel for waking me up from my blogging slumber!


  1. Hello darling! SO nice to see you on my blog, we should be comment whores for each other. haha. LOVE how this foundation looks and that little shimmer. Great review!

    Couture Caddy

    1. Yes I am a born comment whore!! Thanks lovely xxx.