Monday, 20 June 2011

Lust-Haves: Nailbiter.

First off, I am so sorry for being MIA this past week. Sickness combined with job ventures and just life in general tangled me in a un-bloggable web. Anyways, onto this week's Lust-Haves!

Amongst my many (shallow and consumeristic) obsessions, one stands head and shoulders above the rest. And that one thing is, of course, nail polish. I don't know when or how it happened, but nowadays I actually feel naked if I don't have a coat of something on my nails. I love the way a swipe of bright nail polish can spice up an outfit, or how a well-picked colour can give your look just that bit more definition. This past year I've been collecting different shades, ranging from gorgeous pastel colours from Chanel, to more bold and statement shades from Kit and OPI. Behold my nail polish collection:

My current loves are the OPI Shatter in black, which works with any base colour, and the gorgeous Kit "Shop Loves Sunset" shade which came with the May Shop 'Til You Drop issue (this mag really knows the way to my heart).


Now onto my wishlist. Having tried the pastel shades, and bold colours, I'm looking for more muted and earthy tones to add to my collection.


I am a big fan of Sibella Court's designs and ideas in her interior styling work. So when Bloom gets her to design a special collection of nail polish, they instantly get a special reserved spot on my wishlist. I especially love the tattered grey colour.
Sibella I (RRP $19.95) from Bloom Cosmetics
I also love this ivory, off-white shade from Bloom - so chic without looking like you've used white-out.
Natalie (RRP $19.95) from Bloom Cosmetics
Renowned US brand Essie has finally arrived in Australia, exclusively available at Myer. After since I got a manicure from the Essie stand at Fashion Weekend, I've been in lust over this brand. Their nail polishes are luscious and long-lasting. I'm not too sure how much they are retailing at in Australia.
BFF Boy Best Friend
Mink Muffs
Another brand I'm seriously lusting after is Butter London. Their nail polishes are really good quality and they have lots of lovely neutral shades. 
Pearly Queen
And who can go past OPI? 
You Don't Know Jacques!
What shades are you guys lusting after?

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