Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blog Crushes.

What's your internet surfing routine? Facebook first, then Twitter, maybe a dash of news, then repeat the cycle? Want to shake things up a bit? Well, I'm here to help you with a few blogs that I currently have a girl-boner for. These blogs are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, or you get your money back.

Yes, I'm one of those that is still obsessed with Kate Middleton (Pippa who?). This tumblr hasn't been updated since the nuptials, but it has the best photo captions.

Ever felt like you were born in the wrong time period? Well, this blog will magnify that sentiment. I guarantee that you will look at those ancient, beardy dudes in a whole new way. And for those who are averse to reading large chunks of text, this blog makes their arguments using ingenious pie charts. My fave dead man? Seriously hot:

Being an Asian myself, I fell to the floor laughing when I discovered this blog. It seriously knows the way to my heart: making (mostly elderly) Chinese people with questionable fashion sense look like complete badasses. [Edit: I apologise. They are already badasses, no "making" necessary.]

Now don't get me wrong. I love Steve Buscemi. And he's certainly not the same without those unique, bordering on creepy, "windows to his soul". But it only works on his face. This blog photoshops his glorious eyes on people like Angelina Jolie and, my favourite, Kate Middleton. Please don't look at this while eating, your food will end up all over your computer screen (through either vomiting or laughing maniacally, take your pick.)

This blog gives you the advantage of suffering through a coronary heart disease without having to actually ingest enough sugar and fat to induce one. It's a visual smorsgabord (pun intended) of the food combinations that you often dream about but would never dare try. What's a Bacon Bar, you say? Why, it's only a healthy snack made of bacon and ground pork sausage baked inside a chocolate bar. Appetising, no?

This is the ultimate blog heaven. Did you ever think it would be awesome if, say, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee were BFFs? Well I don't know if they ever had slumber parties, but there is photographic evidence of them hanging out (!!!!!!!!!) Or how about Marlon Brando and Paul Newman? Nancy Reagan and Mr. T? You're welcome.

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