Monday, 4 July 2011

Lust-Haves: Grandpa, can I raid your closet?

If cardigans were an ingredient, it would definitely be a condiment like salt, or olive oil. Weird analogy I know. What I mean is that it adds a subtlety to your dish/outfit, and is a staple in your wardrobe and an ever present option for any kind of outfit. It is especially true in this current weather. Sydney's winter weather this year is basically like a woman going through menopause - nice and sunny one minute, and then cold and moody the next. It's a nightmare situation for making wardrobe decisions. 

The only solution is to layer, and what better choice than the humble cardigan. I love cardigans. I'm not kidding. I think I have one (or more) in every colour.

And this is only ~60% of my cardigan collection..
There are so many cute designs out there, which makes it virtually impossible for me to stop hoarding buying more and more. So let's go shopping!


Vintage Spot of Gold Cardigan from ModCloth ($US34.99)
See by Chloe Cropped Sailor Cardigan from Shopbop ($234.79)

Melange Grandpa Cardigan from Forever21 ($US22.80)
Diamond Cardigan from Zara ($HKD199)
By Malene Birger Violas Mohair-Blend Cardigan from Net-a-Porter ($US196)

And now for the "If I had a money tree" part of the wishlist..

Miu Miu Silk Chiffon-Trimmed Knitted Cardigan ($US745)
Rodarte Hand-Knitted Merino Wool Cardigan ($US1783)
Missoni Patchwork Knit Cardigan from Browns Fashion ($1515)


  1. You totally need to mention WheelsandDollbaby ( Cardigans and ANYTHING by Alannah Hill (

  2. That Wheels & Dollbaby one is gorgeous! Do you have it??