Monday, 29 August 2011

Lust-Haves: Polka Face.

If you couldn't already tell, I am currently obsessed with patterns. First came printed pants, then came glitter and sparkles, and today my lovely readers, I share with you my never-ending love for polka dots. Polka dots are the chameleon of prints - it can lend itself to the creation of a lovely cocktail dress, or make an equally pretty day top. It seems like the world has the same love affair with the polka dot as me (oddly enough I don't feel cheated), with many designers incorporating this timeless print in their Fall/Winter 2011/12 showings. These designers have been so creative with this timeless pattern, showing us how to wear the dots in fresh, innovative ways. 

Exhibit A 
Marc Jacobs

Exhibit B

Exhibit C
Diane von Furstenburg

Exhibit D
Stella McCartney

If I included every designer, I don't think I would be able to finish writing this post tonight. Personally, I love what Stella and Marc (yes we are on first-term basis with one another) have done with the good ol' polka dot, infusing it with a really modern and unexpected twist. 

Naturally, there have been many high-street and more affordable interpretations of this trend, which I can actually afford. Here's a few of what I am currently eyeing.


Note: AU prices were correct at the time of posting. 


(L-R) Marc by Marc Jacobs Smudge Dot Jersey Dress from Shopbop (AU $180)
Mikey Polka Dot Slipper Shoes from ASOS (AU $53.20)


Polka Dot Knit Top from Forever21 (US $19.80)
no show without punch from Gorman (AU $329)

Burgundy Polka Dot Double Pocket Shorts from Topshop (AU$52.50)
Something Else - Perforated Pouch Bag - Sand from Incu (AU $149)

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