Monday, 1 August 2011

Lust-Haves: Keep it in the Closet.

My family is in the middle of a massive house renovation, which is very good news for me. In a few short months I will be saying hello to a room that's double my current cupboard bedroom, a new queen-sized bed and a helluva lot more closet space (hallelujah!).

With interior design occupying a lot of my thoughts lately, the first place I gravitated to in my research was of course closet designs. And boy, do some people have it all. Carrie Bradshaw is certainly not fiction, when it comes to closet space and more importantly, what fills these coveted closets. I will probably never have anything like these closets, but let's indulge in my fantasy for a few minutes.

Ladies, prepare to have your eyes pop out.


Note: My post title is definitely in no way meant to offend gay people. I was just extremely bad at coming up with a clever title. 


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