Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pink Power.

When I did a pink manicure on Sunday afternoon, I didn't know that it would subconsciously inspire me to have a pink-filled week! 

Pink pink pink! featuring:
Hot pink flats from Love Couture
Pink ombre nails...
(Kit 'Full Throttle'
Rimmel 'Strawberry Fizz'
OPI 'Sparrow Me the Drama'
OPI 'Isn't that Precious?'
OPI 'Mod About You')
Pink watch from a 300 Yen store in Osaka, Japan
Splash of pink from a Kookai top
Pink delivery! from Glossybox

When I was younger, I was obsessed with mood rings, and really believed that what you felt was reflected in your colour choices. Judging from how perky I've been this week, it might not be such a stretch from the truth after all!