Sunday, 29 January 2012


The biggest internal debate I have every time I try to grapple with my own sense of style is whether the price tag is worth it. Sure, a Balenciaga leather tote trumps all over some imitation Sportsgirl offering, and I would readily label myself as "brand conscious" (or even "brand snob"), but there are times when you come across an item so ridiculously cheap that you'd be silly to not get it. 

Case in point: I paid $4.50 for a pair of heels*. You read that right, four dollars and fifty Australian cents. To put this in perspective, a fruit smoothie in this land costs anywhere from $4 to $7. I could have bought 2 pairs of these shoes and still have change compared to getting a ready-made focaccia. 

Heels from Love Couture

They aren't bad, eh! If they had been priced in the three-digit region, I probably wouldn't have purchased them, but at this low low price, they are cute and comfortable. I have so many outfit options swirling in my head: pairing it with a black silk jumpsuit, sequined top and skinny jeans, black shorts and blouse, stockings and tight dress. The list goes on.

*Disclaimer: the heels were price $9 but the store had a buy-one-get-one-free deal, so essentially the shoes cost $4.50.


  1. they're the miu miu copies from 2 seasons ago :)

    very cute and extremely cheap, great find!

  2. Ah you're right! I completely forgot about them.. speaking of, still drooling over their glitter ankle booties hehe.