Saturday, 31 December 2011


I'm going to join the end of year chorus and say, "can you believe another year has passed?!" 2011 wasn't a stellar year in any book (personally and globally speaking), but that's not to say that nothing happened! There were events that put my life in perspective, and emotionally challenges that made me more self-aware. Yes folks, I'm practicing for my career as a self-help authoress. 

As for New Year's Resolutions - aren't they always the same every year? I always strive to be a "better person", but my psychology lecturer always said that breaking your goal into smaller, more achievable goals are more likely to be achieved. So here goes:

- Don't impulse buy every time I enter a shopping centre.
- Keep an accurate diary so that I stop double booking things!
- Laugh more.
- Lose another 3-5 kgs.
- Take shorter to wake up/get ready every morning.
- Push myself out of my comfort zone more (okay that's really abstract, but I really want to do this - let's move overseas!)
- Catch up with friends more often!
- Blog blog blog.

Here's to a bigger, better, brighter 2012!